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Reducing aches and pains for home workers

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

As Physio's we have seen a recent epidemic of clients who have developed aches and pains following desk working from home due to the Covid situation.

A few pieces of simple advice can really help minimise upper limb, neck and low back strain, discomfort and longer term pain.

Invest in a good adjustable chair if possible or use cushions to sit on to ensure a 90 degree bend in hips and knees (or hips slightly above knees) and make sure you have a well supported low back using a cushion or rolled up towel if extra support is needed.

If using a laptop consider using a remote keyboard and placing your device on a stand or a pile of books so you can view the screen at eye level.

A popular and cheap piece of equipment to use from home is a “desk riser” which allows you to place your monitor on it to allow a change between seated and standing desk working.

Probably the best piece of advice is to set an alarm to remind you to take regular breaks where you change position and do some quick mobility exercises to relieve pressure & tension in your spine, shoulders, neck, hands and wrists, as our bodies do not appreciate remaining still for long periods of time. A term I really like is: “your best posture is your next posture”!

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