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Ultrasound Scanning & Injection

This service is provided at our Basin Road Clinic by Advanced Physio Solutions.

At Advanced Physio Solutions we have almost 25 years of experience dealing with musculoskeletal pain. We recognise that maintaining good levels of health and fitness are essential to both physical and mental well-being.

It is important to be fully informed as to the risks and benefits of any treatment that you might try. We will go through these with you before a shared decision is reached about what the most appropriate treatment is for you. Please read our steroid injection information before you attend. Details can be found on our website here.

Which conditions may benefit from ultrasound scanning and injection therapy?

What assessment and treatment solutions do you provide?

For more information, please discuss these options with your healthcare practitioner or contact us using the contact form below.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Scanning Injection

Ultrasound Scanning & Injection

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