Pilates Classes

We are currently seeing Pilates clients on a 1:1 basis in clinic, and we have an online Pilates programme with a variety of new live and pre-recorded classes every week, which can be accessed via our members only Facebook Group.

We know that many people are reluctant to try Facebook or online however classes we urge everyone to take our NO COMITTMENT 2 WEEK FREE TRIAL, as we have seen significant improvements in our existing clients flexibility and strength when they went form coming to one class a week in person to making Pilates or more regular part of their weekly routine.

All you need to do is complete our health screening / registration form by clicking the link below and we will email you with our induction videos & your invitation to join the group.

If at the end of your two week trial you don’t feel that online Pilates works for you, that’s absolutely fine, we can let you know when we are restarting face to face classes back up again.

How Can Pilates Help Me?