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Pilates Classes

Which class is right for me?

Beginners Pilates

For those who are reasonably fit and active but may be recovering from injury or surgery, or looking for a way to manage aches and pains long term, if you have never done Pilates before we recommend starting in a beginners class. Classes focus on embedding the basic principles and good control using simpler Pilates exercises combined with lots of stretching.


Intermediate Pilates

If you have grasped the basics principles of Pilates, you are not troubled by significant pain, or would like more strength / control challenges, alongside lots of lovely stretching the intermediate classes may be for you.


Gentle Pilates

These classes are for those clients who have grasped the basic principles of Pilates and can cope with a slightly faster pace,  but who may have issues with ongoing aches and pains or weakness. These classes will included a wider variety of more complex exercises than the beginners classes to keep things varied and give your body a full service, without making the exercises more strenuous.A


Neuro Pilates

For adults who are independently mobile & able to get on and off the floor, but who have a neurological condition such as MS, Parkinson’s, stroke or acquired brain injury, which they would like help exercising for and with. Classes will include a wide variety of functional, therapeutic and Pilates based exercises in standing and on the mat.


Standing Strong

This is for older clients, who are still independently mobile but may be feeling more unsteady or weak and could be starting to feel anxious about walking outside, noticing difficulty climbing stairs, or getting out of low chairs. The exercises in this class are all done in sitting and standing so there is no need to get on and off the floor.

If you are interested in any of our 1:1 or class options, please send us a quick message or complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will be in touch shortly!

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